Things I
Have Made

Thinker + Maker
Designing things for a purpose.

My name is Peter Hazell.

Designer specialising in Visual Communication (both print + digital) / UX + UI / HTML + CSS

Selected Works

Save the Tree
A personal project about a little thing we can do each day to help protect our planet. More on this project coming soon.
Brand / Print / UX + UI / HTML + CSS
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Go Learn To
Commissioned to work with GoLearnTo, to build their presence on the web. More on this project coming soon.
Brand / Print / UX & UI / HTML & CSS
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Commissioned to work with YOPA when they were a startup. I worked with a developer to build YOPA's intial site which is the foundation of their current working site. More on this project coming soon.
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I have been working on their creative direction since they started. From branding to campaigns both print and digital. More on this project coming soon.
Brand / Print / UX & UI / HTML & CSS
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Eden Fruit Ciders
This is a cider spin off from Wobbegate. I was again involved from the begining. More on this project coming soon.
Brand / Print / UX & UI / HTML & CSS
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My Methodology

User centered

Specify the context of use: Identify the people who will use the product, what they will use it for, and under what conditions they will use it.

Specify requirements: Identify any business requirements or user goals that must be met for the product to be successful.

Create design solutions: This part of the process may be done in stages, building from a rough concept to a complete design.

Evaluate designs: Evaluation - ideally through usability testing with actual users - is as integral as quality testing is to good software development.

I apply this to all parts of my design, whether this be in an agile UX/UI role or a print campaign project.


Print design
I use Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign to work with clients and produce work for a variety of one offs and campaigns.

Web design + build
From wireframing or prototyping (with Pen & Paper or in Figma/Sketch/Adobe UX/Balsamiq) to building ready to go sites or landing pages. Hand coding HTML/CSS helps articulate my clients on the web.

Event design
I have been involved in a number of installations and interior design concepts throughout my career.

Message me

Do you have a problem that needs solving
Feel free to give me a shout and I will look into the design problem. Normally I can at least give you a little advice first. Always interested in hearing about new companies starting up and always want to help where I can.

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About this site
This site is to present myself and my body of work. Keeping it brutalist / purist / minimalist helps a designer get across their body of work in a clean and consie way. There is also a nod to simple code, everything is web safe, although built on bootstrap I am using simple fonts, along with websafe colours.